CBT for Cancer Care

My world shifted in 2017 – the year I became a Cancer Carer. My parents lived overseas and my Dad was diagnosed with terminal cancer. I had to be with them both. I pushed everything aside and moved in. Then I buckled in. It was a tough ride. Years earlier, I lived with anxiety when facing a health crisis in my 20’s and then again a second time, waiting for my own diagnosis. I too have lived in fear.

Becoming a CBT Therapist was pivotal. Now I can provide others with the skills, techniques, and coping mechanisms that I have used many times. Effective communication is vital and I also coach in communication styles to help with challenging conversations.

CBT equips you with strategies to help navigate your thoughts, feelings and behaviours. You can discover the tools and techniques that will work best for you and I offer a very individual approach. I know how a cancer diagnosis can undermine your confidence and tear away at your self-esteem. I know how it affects other loved ones too. There is little escape.

Learning to control anxiety puts you back in control.

Your life, your treatment plan, your way. Pamela x