Studies indicate the positive treatment effects of CBT and burnout.

Research suggests that many people including health specialists are:

  • Irritated
  • Emotionally Exhausted
  • Unhappy and Stressed
  • Physically and Mentally Fatigued
  • Leaving their Profession
  • Retiring Early

Mediators of Change in Cognitive Behaviour Therapy for Clinical Burnout



Anger sometimes simmers just below the surface.  Intense confrontation creates hostile environments and builds emotions of resentment, guilt, and fear ~ each is a pathway to stress.

“Lawyers are particularly susceptible to stress-related illnesses because of the unique interplay of the legal profession and lawyer personality”, (ABA Journal).

Damages of stress:

  • Mental and Physical Challenges 
  • Fostering Degrees of Anger
  • Growing Hostility
  • Anxious and Depressive Thoughts
  • Behavioural and Habitual Issues
  • Relationship Disputes
  • Chronic Impatience
  • Frequent Irritability
  • Disconnection from Others
  • Chronic Fatigue
  • Early Cardiovascular Disease.

CBT Uncovers:

  • Links between Depression, Hostility and Heart Disease
  • Primal Protection Mechanism – The Fight or Flight Response
  • Sources of Hostility
  • Value of Assertion versus Aggression 



Employee Emotional Well-Being ~ a Hot Topic!

 “One worker in five will experience an emotional health crisis at some point.”

(2017 Mental Health in the Workplace report by the World Federation for Mental Health.)

Emotional Difficulties – the Costs:

  • Lost productivity
  • Absenteeism
  • Presenteeism (Underperformance)
  • Employee Turnover

Emotional Well-Being – the Enhanced Benefits:

  • Healthier People Driving a Healthier Businesses
  • Greater Trust and Integrity
  • Developed Sense of Engagement
  • Growing Loyalty and Commitment
  • A Healthy Workforce, Raising the Next Generation


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