What is IEMT?

Integral Eye Movement Therapy (IEMT) is often used to help overcome trauma.  It is a developing area of rapid psychotherapeutic intervention that explores areas of unhelpful emotions and unlocks the possibility of positive neurological change. Our complex brain systems naturally move towards positive mental health, healing and recovery and research and evidence now show that by using eye movement (desensitisation) therapy, people can experience the benefits of psychotherapy more rapidly. 

How does IEMT work?

IEMT sessions offer recovery within a brief number of sessions in which you learn to activate your natural healing processes. Through exploration and collaboration with your therapist, you determine which memory to work with first. A combination of talk therapy (CBT) and simple eye movements begin the process of trauma healing.

The IEMT therapeutic approach draws similarities to Harvard research which shows connections to the biological mechanisms involved in Rapid Eye Movement (REM) sleep. As a natural outcome of the IEMT therapeutic process, clients experience a positive change to their thoughts, feelings and behaviours – helping to overcome their trauma.  

Practitioners report that IEMT creates successful change in their clients and is an intervention that can also help improve challenging personal and business relationships. This process enables changes to occur with precision and at a remarkable speed.Integral Eye Movement Therapy was developed by Andrew T. Austin based on the original work by Connirae and Steve Andreas and is practiced internationally. Advanced IEMT training adopts principles of research of Lucas Derks (social psychologist) and David Grove (psychotherapist). It is a form of psychotherapy which draws similarities to EMDR. Both of which can enable people to heal from the emotional turmoil of distressing experiences.  

Do I have to talk in detail about what happened to me?

Thankfully, no. It is reassuring to know change is possible without the need to speak in detail about your personal experiences of events.

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